Welcome to To Tannenbaum Plaza! Scroll down to learn more about this magical place…

About Tannenbaum Plaza

Welcome to Tannenbaum Plaza, home of the tallest Christmas Tree ever recorded in imaginary history! Thousands of visitors have come to witness this majestic tree, often bumping into one another as they gaze skyward in awe. Of course, Holidayopolans are a polite bunch, so you’ll often hear “Oh, excuse me!” in several different languages while roaming about; and therein, the conversation begins — “Hello! How are you? Where are you from? Oh, that’s lovely! What do you celebrate? Oh! Tell me more about that!”

There are countless unique cultural traditions that have been gleefully shared as people bump and say excuse me. Here, we will spotlight some of the many varied ways that people the world over celebrate Christmas. What are your traditions? Write to us at [email protected]! We’d love to hear about your unique traditions!

O Tannenbaum, O Christmas Tree