Ella McGaunn
(PAVA Member)

Ella McGaunn Geiger is a voice teacher at Interlude Music, a company she co-owns with her husband Devereux Geiger. She also serves as a vocal health educator for Sonnenberg Voice. Her approach to teaching combines voice science, acting/storytelling methods, problem-solving skills, and confidence-building for greater independence as a singer. Ella double majored in Music and Linguistics and minored in Speech Language Pathology at Gordon College where she was the first to graduate with Departmental Honors in Music. She was awarded this honor for her research into the evolution of contemporary and classical singing pedagogy culminating in a lecture recital and thesis. Her passion for voice science also led her to become a graduate of the Summer Vocology Institute (SVI).  Ella has years of experience working with students with disabilities and strives to create inclusive spaces for all her students and colleagues so that they can joyfully share their talents with the world. When not teaching Ella can be found performing improv comedy, drinking tea, or singing in churches in the Boston area.