Eastern Standard Time

Sun Dec 5 2021
3:00 pm EST

Winter Comfort — Fondue, Music & Weaving

First we learn a secret fondue recipe with Raphael (live from Switzerland!) Then Cat shows us how to weave winter gifts on the loom while Jonah Talbot weaves tunes on his dulcimer.

VENUE | Cafe DiwanukKwanzmas

Sun Dec 19 2021
2:30 pm EST

Beth & Ritt's Holiday Survival Kit

Award-winning songwriters Beth Falcone and Ritt Henn perform original and originally arranged songs of seasonal celebration at the Triad in NYC (ivestream also available)

VENUE | Harmony Hall

Mon Dec 20 2021
12:00 pm EST

Cooking for Kwanzaa

Part of our Cooking in Concert Series!

VENUE | Harambee Harvest

Tue Dec 21 2021
7:00 pm EST

Native American Tales - Watch Party

Professional Storyteller Geri Keams, Dineh, spins solstice tales around the bonfire.

VENUE | Solstice Bonfire

Tue Dec 21 2021
8:00 pm EST

Creativity and Abundance, a celebration of Kuumba - Watch Party!

With visionary artist Deborah Singletary

VENUE | Congo Square