Umoja River

Shall we gather at the river? The beautiful, the beautiful river. . . If you’d like to gather with friends, email: [email protected]. We’ll create a time for you to come with friends.

This is the river that leads us back to our original home. It leads us back to our original selves, people of power, dignity, and strength. Our spirit and nature are free to fly. No more bondage. We are looking back over history in order to go forward while standing on the shoulders of our great ancestors. Their strength helps us forge ahead.

Sankofa! Sankofa! Sankofa! It is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind! We are in our element with peace of mind. We meditate here. We are able to hear our environment talking to us. We are surrounded by talking animals and trees that whisper, voices that give us wisdom and guidance. The river cleanses our spirit, lifts our hearts, and brings us to our purpose. The river empowers our souls.