Welcome to Zagmuk’s Microbrewery! Our name comes from the ancient celebration of Zagmuk, which literally means “beginning of the year.” It was over 4000 years ago, in the ancient land of Mesopotamia, and it wasn’t the best of times. You see, after a titanic battle, the god Marduk killed the goddess monster Tiamat, ruler of the underworld kingdom of Chaos. The demons of Chaos weren’t too happy about that, so they set out to avenge her death. Vegetation withered and died. Leaves fell from the trees. The world was running down.

In order to persuade Marduk to return to the underworld and battle Chaos for another cycle of seasons, our ancestors established an elaborate twelve-day festival. Good wishes for the new-gained year were passed from friend to friend, gifts were exchanged… Sounds like a good time to drink beer to us! 

May you successfully battle another season of Chaos, fortified by that most magical and headiest of elixirs, beer. Happy Zagmuk!