Zayde’s gravlax with all the fixings

Prepare your work area with a large layer of plastic wrap, enough to wrap tightly your two salmon filets of like size and shape.  Place the salmon filets skin side down, side by side onto the wrap.  For each pound of salmon, sprinkle generously a mix of two tablespoons sugar and two teaspoons of salt, covering the surface of the two salmon pieces.  Chop a half bunch of fresh dill and cover the two pieces.  Mince a fresh lime and place on one salmon piece.  Quickly flip the other salmon piece onto the first, forming a kind of sandwich of salmon skin on the outside.  Wrap tightly with the plastic wrap.  Place in a baking dish in the refrigerator for three days, flipping it every twelve hours (or so).  Remove the plastic wrap and gently wipe the lime and most of the dill away.  You may find some small white spots on the salmon skin where the lime directly touched it, even though we had the dill to act as a barrier.  Don’t worry, just gently slice those bits off the surface and discard them.  Then slice the salmon in paper thin slices with a very large knife.  It freezes well when wrapped carefully.

Serve with sour cream, finely minced white onion, capers, and fresh dill on crackers or latkes.