Randy Stein

Randy Stein is a classically trained musician who studied the English Concertina with the famed Matusewitch Brothers, Boris and Sergei. A former circus acrobat and founding member of the Big Apple Circus, Randy performs solo, with various groups and orchestras in the US and Canada in festivals, shows, and theaters including classical recitals at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. He has recorded with various artists including John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their album Double Fantasy. Randy previously performed with Joey Bello (famed mandolinist Joseph Binder) in the musical acrobatic clown duo Bello & Stein. He most recently performed with the jazz group The Rodger French Trio and the folk trio, The Squeezers. In addition to performing an extensive solo repertoire of Classic American and European Standards, he is currently performing and recording with the Jewish Folk Band, Ein Lanu Z’man, the folk music duo 2Many Buttons, and the gypsy jazz band, DC Ambiance.