M'ten Halsey

M’ten Halsey is Brooklyn-born and rooted in African-centered thinking. A percussionist and spoken word artist, M’ten is a product of an upstanding and talented family. He’s been drumming since he was five years old and has traveled around the world spreading his cultural message with his spirited drum rhythms and powerful message. He has performed in Africa, Europe and throughout the United States and with companies such as Bennu Ausar Dancers and Drummers, Zawadi, African Dance and Drum, Umoja Dance Company, and Asase Ya Drum and Dance.  Most recently M’ten has acted as Musical Director for Zawadi African Dance and Drum located in New Jersey. M’ten has taught in many settings for private students and large classes including the Kamit Preparatory Institute and the Sephardic Community Center in Brooklyn. His goals are to preserve African-American culture through music and to promote cultural awareness because “Positive Culture creates Outstanding Communities.”