Kristen Ruiz
Co-host, The Agentic Voice Podcast

Kristen Ruiz is an NCVS-trained vocologist and the founder of Sonaura. She is an experienced teacher of voice pedagogy and a trainer of voice trainers. Kristen maintains an active schedule of workshops and masterclasses in the NY Metro area and online.

As an educator, Kristen’s experience includes directing NYU’s post-graduate advanced voice pedagogy program and teaching voice in academia, conservatory, arts organizations, schools and in private instruction.  She also works with recovering voices as a singing voice specialist who partners with the medical voice care team.

Kristen’s experience working as a singer across genres enables her to understand the unique challenges singers face — vocally and otherwise.

As a researcher, Kristen is currently working on a project examining voice pedagogy through the lens of adult learning and development theory.

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