Chef Cheryl Burger

Chef Cheryl Burger is culinarian with over 20 years of experience in corporate food and catering. She has enjoyed a varied career working in high volume production kitchens and bistro cafes alike, eventually spending far too much time pouring over spreadsheets and decoding corporate jargon. After being set free from her career this spring due to Covid 19, Cheryl ran away from home with her camper and spent the summer and fall volunteering in VT, cooking locally sourced foods over fire pits with friends, napping by the West River and making kimchi. She returned home re-energized but keeps finding herself unwilling to return to a demanding career. So now, as a gateway past-time, while she prolongs not going back to ‘Real Life’, Cheryl is currently cooking for students at a small college in southeastern CT and day dreaming of writing her own cook book. In her free time, Cheryl is passionate about touching hearts through food, watching Matlock with her Dad and spending as much time in nature as she can possibly stand.