Holidayopolis Drive-In

In celebration of World Voice Day, the following educational videos will be available for public viewing from April 15th (8PM EDT) through April 17th (midnight EDT).

Courtesy of:

Aaron Johnson (Oct 2019): How to Read, Understand, and Even Enjoy Research Articles
Eric Hunter (Mar 2020): Occupational Voice Use: The Interplay of Vocal Effort, Vocal Demands, and Vocal Production
Kittie Verdolini Abbot (Jun 2020): Confessions in Voice Therapy and Training
Ian Howell (Mar 2020): Practical, Financial, and Social Challenges of Low Latency Music Making in the COVID-19 Era
Nancy Bos & Joanne Bozeman (May 2021): Women’s Voices in Midlife and the Menopausal Transition
Mara Belau (May 2020): Vocal Rehabilitation: Clinical Practice and the Future
Julia Gerhard (Oct 2020): The Extended Voice Team: Collaboration and Communication