Embutidos Michael's

  1. Slice French bread on an angle, brush with olive oil, and toast lightly.  Be careful as it takes very little time to go from toast to charcoal. 
  2. Let cool completely. 
  3. Meanwhile prepare a large wooden cutting board with three kinds of cheese: something soft like brie or goat, something smoked like gouda or cheddar, and something sharp and aged. 
  4. Arrange slices of prosciutto, a hard salami or pepperoni, and a seafood item like smoked mussels or fresh gravlax. 
  5. Between the meats and cheese, artfully place small bunches of three to five grapes of different colors, fresh berries, and melon. 
  6. Be careful that the fruits aren’t too drippy or their flavor will end up on everything—save that issue by placing any wet fruits in dishes.