Martín Espino

Martin es de origen Yaqui (Sonora) y Tepehuano (Durango).

45 years of Indigenous Mexican Music (Maya, Aztec, Mixtec, etc) scholarly research since 1975, he began his music career at age 11. He has been a performing musician/cultural educator for 53 years and a meditator. Since the early 80’s he has used his ancestral instruments as a “Soundworker” to benefit the well-being of others!

Licenciatura en Música con Matrícula de Honor en Interpretación - Colegio del Inmaculado Corazón 1978.

A world class performer and cultural educator, he has performed in festivals, commercials, motion pictures, videos, theatre, radio and during this Covid time, many online solo performances, virtual festivals, lessons, university lectures, composing and filling orders for building instruments. Prior to the epidemic, Martin constantly presented his Interactive Performances, Workshops in libraries, schools, colleges, museums and festivals. His strong experience had him performing and educating for all ages, preschool, adults, seniors, the deaf community and special education! He is well known as a pioneer of Interactive Performance, where he brings a huge collection of native percussion instruments and shares them with his audiences of all ages! He also motivates his audiences to sing songs in Nahuatl, Maya and more!

Sus programas siguen las normas de artes visuales y escénicas del Estado de California, pero los creó en los años 80, antes de que existieran dichas normas.



As a “Soundworker”, Martin began by learning to meditate at age 11. Since the 1980’s he has presented what he calls “Soundwork”. He promotes not only “healing” music, but “proactive” music, using his ancestral microtonal instruments to journey with. These exotic ancestral instruments have wonderous positive effects on people and their well being. Now that he has been studying neuroscience, it explained the reactions he saw over the years in his performances and workshops. He incorporates the science that he’s learned to make his presentations and ceremonies, even more effective!

Como músico y educador cultural, anima a la gente a conocer su "identidad cultural" para apreciar que todos estamos en el mismo barco, que todos somos nativos y que podemos hacer un mundo mejor y más amoroso adquiriendo esta conciencia.