• Q: Does it cost money to visit with Santa?
    A: Your visit with Santa costs a small fee of $5 to reserve your spot, and you will be allowed to record your visit onto your own computer. That little bit helps Santa feed the reindeer. Personalized messages are available for a fee.

  • Q: What will happen at my registered time?
    A: When you enter Zoom at your registered time, you will be greeted by Santa’s help elf, who will connect you to Santa’s breakout room. Be prepared to wait for a few minutes once you arrive as Santa wants to give every family his full attention. We will have holiday music and frivolity while you wait!

  • Q: How long will I get to visit with Santa?
    A: You will receive a 5-8 minute visit with Santa via Zoom.

  • Q: Can I get a recording of my visit with Santa?
    A: Yes! For $10, Santa will email a video of your visit (within 72 hours). You must purchase this add on prior to your visit.

  • Q: Do you take large groups (i.e. schools,organizations, hospitals)?
    A: For scheduling special visits with Santa, please contact [email protected].

  • Q: Can adults visit with Santa?
    A: Yes.

  • Q: Is there a limit to how many children/adults visit with Santa in my visit?
    A: No. Your time slot won’t be shared with others, so you can have your entire party visit with Santa during that time.

  • Q: When will Santa start being available for Zoom visits?
    A: Santa will be ready for visits beginning Friday, Nov. 27th, beginning at 5PM EST. See the schedule for individual bookings. The last day for Santa visits will be October 19th, giving Santa enough time to prepare for his worldwide journey. Be sure to listen for his sleigh bells in the night sky!

  • Q: Do I need any software prior to my visit?
    A: You must have access to Zoom and a registered Zoom account in order to visit with Santa. Please check to see if you have the latest update. Click here to sign up for a free Zoom account. We will do our best to work with whatever equipment you have, as we believe that the bells and whistles of the heart are more important than the technical bells and whistles when it comes to visiting Santa!

  • Q: Will a laptop be ok?
    A: Yes, a laptop or desktop will be great. You can also visit Santa from an iPad or a phone, anything that runs Zoom.

  • Q: How many people or devices (computers, iPads, phones) are allowed per visit?
    A: Please let us know prior to your visit how many devices and/or people will be joining. There is no limit, but we must know ahead of time in order to prepare for you and your loved ones!