One Weird Trick: A User’s Guide to Transgender Voice

This Month's Book: One Weird Trick: A User’s Guide to Transgender Voice

Thu Apr 20 2023
1:00 pm EDT

VIRTUAL VENUE: Cafe DiwanukKwanzmas


This month we dive into: One Weird Trick: A Guide to Transgender Voice.

Bring a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for an informal discussion with author Liz Jackson Hearns.

Liz Jackson Hearns, MM (she/her/they/them) is the owner of The Voice Lab, Inc. in Chicago; Co-Founder of Resonate, Chicago’s all-trans chorus; and a voice instructor specializing in trans voice. Singers and voice users from all environments seek out Liz’s teaching to illuminate traditional pedagogy with new scientific discoveries and methods in a joyful and creative atmosphere. Liz has been working with transgender and gender nonconforming clients since 2014, helping develop a natural, authentic voice. She also trains fellow voice teachers in cultural and pedagogical competency to work with trans/gnc singers. Liz has a bachelor’s degree from the College of Idaho and a Master’s Degree from North Park University, and attended the Summer Vocology Institute at the University of Utah. Also the author of: The Singing Teacher’s Guide to Transgender Voices—Plural Publishing.

2D Location (via Zoom): Cafe D., Holidayopolis.