Old Wicke Black Box Theatre

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Thursday, December 16th, 8PM EST—A live concert with the founders of Holidayopolis.

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History of the Old Wicke

The Old Wicke Black Box Theatre was founded circa 527 BC, on the corner of 12th Street and Zagmuk in the Solstice Circle neighborhood of Holidayopolis. It is the oldest continuously running black box theatre in imaginary history and has boasted many fine performances of poetry, dithyrambs (wild choral hymns of ancient Greece), and numerous world premieres of works that have become known as ageless classics. Perhaps you remember that old Mesopotamian favorite, “The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant”? It all started right here!

Memorable performances: the Javanese Gamelan Munggang left audiences breathless and hard of hearing; a dance troupe from Buganda introduced Holidayopolans to Bakisimba dance and held workshops in crafting musical instruments out of gourds, wood, animal hides, and cow horns; William Shakespeare presented his one-man show, O My Sonnets, O My Stars in 1608 to rave reviews; and three hundred years later, Scott Joplin premiered his “Dreidel Street Rag” in a flight of improvisatory fancy.

A little-known, not-quite-real bit of trivia: The first 78rpm recordings of Hindustani classical musician Gauhar Jaan, released by the Gramophone Company of India in April 1903, were actually bootleg recordings from her 2-week stand at the Old Wicke in October 1902; more than one contemporary critic praised the richness of the acoustics of the room in which the ragas were recorded.